Lost in Montana Prints

Canvas Prints

These archival-quality canvas pieces are professionally printed, stretched onto a .75″ frame, and have a lamination applied to lengthen the life and increase the vibrancy.  The quality is top-notch, and our canvas wraps will be sure to be the focus of your space.  For sizing and options, refer to the print order form on any prints-available photo detail page.

Metal Prints

A modern classic, the metal print is an exceptional way to highlight beautiful art in a non-traditional way.  The finish of our aluminum prints are high gloss that makes detail come alive and colors jump off the surface.  The prints come with rear-hanging mounts included. For sizing and options, refer to the print order form on any prints-available photo detail page.

Montana Palette

A popular and unique product, the photo palette is a 32″ x 17″ wooden palette* that has the available image of your choice printed on quality adhesive vinyl, then applied to the wood – creating a stylish centerpiece and conversation starter.  For an additional $50, you can get the palette cut into the shape of our beloved Montana, perfect for the home of any true Montanan.

Custom sizes are also available, use the form below to order!

Start Shopping

Have an idea for a custom size, or a custom configuration of canvas or metal prints? Want specific options, frames, or hanging/mounting hardware?  We’re interested!  To help, we’ve created the short form below to allow you specify your artistic decorating ideas. For example, if you wanted a collage of prints, a multi-panel canvas, or combination of both, use the form below to share your thoughts. Give us a week or so (sooner if we can!) and we’ll get back to you with a complete quote for production and shipping, and we can go from there.  Thank you!

If you’re here to claim your $25 discount on a custom print, make sure you have your choices made for which photo and which size you’d like printed! Also, be sure to use the same name and email address that you used on your book preorder form so we can confirm the preorder prerequisite.  Thanks!

Custom Print Order Form

*sizes vary slightly on the palette prints depending on whether you’ve chosen the Montana shape and/or the proportions of the source photo.  The width will always be close to 32″, height may vary.