Lost in Montana Website Expiring

It’s been an amazing experience.

After selling the last of its stock earlier this year, Lost in Montana has decided to not produce any more Photography books. While the book was an achievement we are all extremely proud of, the owners of Lost in Montana have decided that it’s time to let it go. All in all, the book was a wonderfully positive learning experience.

We want to give all of the individuals and businesses that supported Lost in Montana by purchasing books, sharing stories, or spreading the word the most heartfelt thank you and appreciation for making it a success.

At the end of 2019, we will be shutting down this website permanently. Until then, please continue to enjoy the beautiful photography. If you’re still hunting for a book, there may be some floating around some of the local businesses that supported us, give them a call.

We hope that the book and website inspired you to explore the beauty of our state, and share it with others. Thank you again, and see you out there!

~ Jon, Jason, and Dan