Frequently Asked Questions


Below are a few common questions and answers.  If you have any more questions or if an answer does not satisfy your curiosity, please send us a message here.

What is the Lost in Montana photography coffee table book?

It’s the curation of photography from around Montana meant to inspire and encourage exploration and adventure.  The idea originally came from one of the Lost in Montana LLC owners, Jon Switzer, who recruited a couple other like-minded explorers to flesh out a photography book that’s never quite been done the same. Learn more here.

Who is Lost in Montana LLC?

lim-owners-picLost in Montana LLC is owned by three people: Jon Switzer, Jason Maehl, and Dan Rickman.  Jon Switzer, a Montana native, came up with the idea of the Lost in Montana Photography Book concept – his vision is what made the book so unique, and his expert salesman and marketing skills are what made it successful.  Jason Maehl is an accomplished photographer and also a Montana native, who is largely responsible for finding the photos that exceeded the high standards of the book, and his logistical expertise helped make the process go as smoothly as possible.  Dan Rickman is the digital and design engine behind Lost in Montana, he designed the book itself as well as this website and all related social and marketing materials.

Although Lost in Montana LLC is owned by Jon, Jason, and Dan, SO many more eyes, hands, and hearts touched the project to ensure its success and popularity – including but not limited to friends, family, loved ones, and other experts in the photography and book publishing industries.

What is the focus of the Lost in Montana book?

The overarching concept behind the book was the need for humans to explore, to get “lost” in the beauty and underestimated locales of Montana – Inspired by the expedition of Lewis and Clark in the 1800s (which is why you’ll see references to them in the book and this site).  The book seeks to inspire others to visit the locations from the photos, share stories, and create new adventures.

What also makes the book unique is the site you’re on right now. It exists not only as a way to purchase and learn about the book, but we’ve taken extra time to catalog and show all the individual photos as well.  Photos assigned an ID# in the book get a dedicated space accessible via the photos page with photographer info, locations, prints, and hopefully shared stories from our readers.

How did you choose the photos for the book?

Not only did the photos have to meet a high technical standard, but they also had to have a sense of “lost” or “untouched” – like the only human influence present was the photographer behind the camera.  In addition, the photos had to have the “I want to go there” factor, which is a term coined during design of the book that simply means it needs to make the viewer want to pack up, find that place, and experience it for themselves.

How do I purchase the Lost in Montana Photography book?

Simply go to the purchase page here, add the number of books to your cart, and checkout.  There are multiple shipping options, and free shipping if you purchase 10 or more.  If you own or operate a gift shop, book store, or have a need for higher quantities of the book, we are happy to accommodate at a discounted rate.  Contact us here for details.

When do you expect the book to be ready?

The expected initial first-run publish date is late September / early October.  We hope to be shipping out books to pre-order customers immediately after.  Those who are in the Billings area and chose to pickup their order locally will be notified via email.

Where else can I find the book?

Lost in Montana LLC is exploring and addressing many options for distribution outside our website.  You can check out this page for a list of local vendors throughout Montana. We definitely want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get a copy of the book, and are looking at lots of possible vendors.  Stay tuned!

What if I have problems while ordering?

We do our best to make it as easy as possible to order, but if you do have any issues feel free to contact us via our contact form here.  Someone (most likely Dan) will reply as soon as possible to address your concerns.

Why don’t I see all the photos on the photos page?

We are still in the process of adding all the photos that we can from the book, and populating all the information that helps you discover more about the photo, photographer, and location.  Some photos are not on the website due to licensing restrictions.

I love this photo, but I can’t order prints? Why not?

Some of the photography has licensing restrictions that don’t allow us to sell prints.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but feel it’s important to honor the photographer and license terms.